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Sunday in Annapolis, MD

(Boating and Touring) Cost $50

Sunday May 19 11am - 3:30pm

St. John's College

60 College Ave, Annapolis MD


  • Learn the history of the Naval Academy and Colonial Annapolis
  • Lunch at one of Annapolis' most popular restaurants
  • Enjoy a relaxing afternoon boat cruise on the Chesapeake Bay

Spend a beautiful fun-filled day of activities in Annapolis, the capital of Maryland.

Our guided walking tour of historic downtown Annapolis, includes the Naval Academy, the Grand Georgian Mansion exteriors, St. Johns College Campus, the Maryland State House, City Dock and more!

We'll stop for lunch at a special local restaurant. Lunch will be at your own expense.

Board the Harbor Queen and enjoy a relaxing ride along the Annapolis Harbor and the banks of the United States Naval Academy.


Meet the group at the corner of College and St. Johns, Annapolis, Maryland. (150 feet from the courtyard in front of the state house)

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