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Post from Things to do This Weekend in Maryland channel :
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  Post by: JMS8

Saturday Jun 15 11am

1450 Generals Highway

Crownsville, Maryland 21032

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Post from Entrepreneurship channel :
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  Post by: JMS8

A few years back, my wife was using a phone with just numbers and a numbers display, she says "it does everything I need" when i offered to get her a new iPhone.

Today my wife is a power Smartphone user doing thousands of direct sales from her smartphone and Facebook.

Now when my wife says, "why do I need Bridges.Today when Facebook does everything i need" - I smile.

So glad my wife has decided to help my entrepreneurial project Bridges do new ways to connect buyers/sellers, drivers/passengers, givers/takers together in each topic. Bridge Topics are social and sales funnels that connect people

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