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Maryland Health Society - MAHESO

Posted by: JMS8
On: 5/17/2019 5:15:51 PM

Naturism is the belief that our bodies are not a source of shame.

Healthy jogging or daily hikes, relishing in the gentle breezes of the woods connects the mind and body. Many of the park’s visitors love to swim and said repeatedly they couldn’t understand how anyone would want to wear a wet soggy bathing suit while swimming. You quickly learn that clothing is only used as a tool.

In fact, body shaming and covering up is relatively new. For thousands of years, ancients are captured nude in every day activies in statues in the finest art galleries in the world.

Many religions demand the removal of footware in sacred places because footware represents shame and is considered unclean. The bottom of shoes are 1000x dirtier than a bare feet. When is the last time you gave the bottoms of your shoes a shower?

I challenge you to think that perhaps the belief that our bodies are shameful and dirty is actually what is in fact unhealthy and shameful -not people.

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