Maryland Renaissance Festival

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Maryland Renaissance Festival. Crafts, entertainment, Jousting, Food and Merriment abound. Theme park story line is IN 1529 THE VILLAGE IS FULL OF INTRIGUE AND COURTSHIP Unique among most festivals, including renaissance festivals, the Maryland Renaissance Festival utilizes a story line and progresses each year forward in the timeline of Henry VIII, through all his reign and all six of his wives.

This year finds the festival in its third progression, with the King wanting his first marriage to Cathrine of Aragon annulled so he can wed the bewitching Anne Boleyn. With his courtiers in tow, Henry has come to the countryside to visit Revel Grove. Traveling with his courtiers is the youthful and beauteous Anne Boleyn who has caught the eye of His Majesty. Revel Grove is celebrating its harvest festival with much gayety and merriment, however Henry is privately concerned. Although he has a daughter, he ponders who will reign after his time on the throne, should he have married his brother’s widow and what opportunities has he squandered. His Majesty undertakes plans to alter the course of England. Performances propelling the story line include the opening gate ceremony, chance encounters being played out in the village streets throughout the day and excerpts from Shakespeare’s Henry VIII which will focus on the annulment trial and the downfall of Cardinal Wolsey.

The Royal Intrigue is just one aspect of the Maryland Renaissance Festival, set in the Village of Revel Grove where visitors can find all manner of amusement, feasting and shops galore. More than 200 performers fill ten stages and taverns as well as the streets of the village with continuous entertainment. A three thousand seat jousting arena host authentic combat joust thrice daily as well as large exhibitions and special event activities. More than 140 merchants fill their shops with their predominately handcrafted wares by the artisan in the shop, as well as various demonstrating shops creating treasures before your eyes. Forty-two food and beverage emporiums and five taverns create a feast throughout the village to sate your appetite and quench your thirst. Special admission pricing reduces tickets for all customers the first three weekends from August 25th through September 9th. No coupons or special purchases required. The remaining six weekends from September 15th through October 21st are peak season with full price admission in effect. Visit for full information on tickets, special event information, scheduling and all your event planning needs.


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