Taking Saturn

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Taking Saturn is a 5 piece rock band coming from the suburbs of Northern Virginia & Washington DC. Our debut album was released in 2009 titled "The Human Effect. Check out below a press review from Washington DC's music ONTAP MAGAZINE; "Songlist: Asphyxia Collide Be the Fire Finding You Friends and Misery New Medicines (Break Your Fall) Last Frequency The Signs - Eight tracks of hard, emotional rock is what you get with DC-based Taking Saturn’s album, “The Human Effect. “A fitting album name indeed, especially for such solid and distinct tracks like, “Be the Fire” and “Finding You,” that depict raw and passionate emotions. Sounding like the love child of Stone Temple Pilots and Nirvana, Taking Saturn takes their sound to the next level, with an obvious fire in each track. “Finding You” is especially impressive lyrically with a chorus that is brutally honest and poignant: “Cause all I need is you, is it everything it could be…” Expect Taking Saturn to tour the East Coast in support of this debut album, including at local music spot Jaxx on May 27, on the heels of shows in Baltimore and New York. If this is any indication of what the future holds for Taking Saturn, we’re in for a rockin’ treat." —Ashley Estil ON TAP MAGAZINE Taking Saturn was founded in 2008. Our main musical style has been alternative hard rock. Our musical influences individually range from The Doors to Buckethead. We're now focusing on more of a pop driven style with our unique style of rock.

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