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Maryland Health Society - MAHESO

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 Naturists believe that baring it all has physical and mental health benefits, including stress relief and improved self-esteem. Spirituality, harmony with nature and family participation are all key tenants of the practice.

Welcome to the Maryland Health Society. We were established and chartered in 1934 and our acronym is MAHESO.

We are the oldest 100% non-profit clothing optional health resort & campground in the USA and have been Washington, DC’s best kept secret ever since.
We focus on the core values of total acceptance and natural health.The founding members instilled these principles from the onset as the foundation to build on.
The concept of health is not only for our members and guests but also for our facilities as well.
Members/Guests                            Facilities                   
M = Mental Health                           Monetary Health
A = Athletic Health                          Appearance/Accommodations    
H = Holistic Health                           Hospitality Health
E = Emotional Health                      Environmental Health
S = Social Health                             Sustainability Health
O = Overall Health                           Organizational Health
As you can see each letter in the acronym MAHESO stands for a specific type of health.
Today’s society and media are engrossed in total acceptance and natural health. It only took 85 years for the morals we hold dear to become mainstream.
Here at MAHESO we cultivate a relaxed atmosphere without any pressure.  Unlike other venues that push first-timers beyond their own comfort level, here you can progress at your own pace and truly feel the freedom of naturism.  Singles, families, and groups are always welcome.
View the tabs above to learn more and see all the amenities and events that we offer.  Come experience the wonderful benefits of the Maryland Health Society and learn more about yourself naturally.
Start the new Movement #WENUDE at MAHESO.
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The Maryland Health Society is a proud member of AANR. Picture

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