Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Email us any question, comments, or concern

Surveys are completely anonymous (unless specified)

Surveys results are private to you (unless specified)
Sharing over Twitter, Facebook, and Customer Mailing Lists is recommended for best results

Currently we have five different types of question types
1. Yes or No questions - least useful but effective for putting the customer into a category (are you are parent, do you smoke,etc.)
2. Ratings 1 to 5- this is determines how well a specific thing is being done from lowest to highest.
3. Open ended text answer - open ended questions are best used to learn new things from customer feedback
4. One of the following choices - this is best used to determinate the most significant thing to the customer
5. Select All That Apply - This is best when you have many survey takers and want to identify the most popular choices

You have to send surveys out to get any response
All you need to do is send the survey web link out (that's it!). As people click the link, the results come back to your Survey List here. What works best is sending surveys out on Facebook, Twitter, with the description to "please share and forward too all your friends" will get the most results. Usually one out of 10 people will answer a free survey unless they are a loyal customer. Let them know answers are anonymous and free!

Open ended text answers not recommended for public surveys
Unfortunately there are many people who will answer using inappropriate answers (yes they exist). Open ended questions are best for private surveys where the survey taker (and the public) do no see the raw results.

Trademark Legal Notice
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